My passion to create began as a very young child in summer camp's arts and craft program. I recall fond memories of joy when working with a variety of materials and the pride I felt with my finished work. A great sense of accomplishment for me as a little girl.

I thrive on challenging myself in life and as an artist, and abstract art is the ultimate challenge. My art is created with acrylics and hints of other mediums until I achieve an aesthetic balance of color and form. My inspiration stems from a variety of sources, from the influences of my entire existence, and with my creative soul continuing to guide me on this amazing journey of art.

What Robert Henri calls the 'art spirit' has been a never-ending inspiration for me. My greatest reward, by far, has been getting to know myself as an artist with a soul that is both hungry to grow and to be filled with the joy of creating.

“Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.” ~Edgar Degas

A portfolio of my work can be found at: