Meredith Coffey


My work addresses the politically charged topic of the environment to comment on consumer and production waste that impacts our Earth. The geological era of the anthropocene greatly influences my art practice. The anthropogenic era solely focuses on how human activity has been the dominant negative influence on the climate and the environment. My studio practice is based in material research, I gravitate towards materials and objects that are common/familiar and used in everyday life. Spreading information about the harmful consumption of single-use products and fast fashion is the focus of my studio practice.
The objects I choose to emulate and incorporate into my work like plastic bags and caution tape already have a context around them. With my work, I use that context to highlight what I have changed about their familiarity. In certain works I use the item’s context to bring awareness to things like clothing that would not be read as harmful. Similar to the anthropocene era, my work deals with products made from human invention. Fast fashion and single use products are a significant part of pollution. This notion influences my studio practice and is the reasoning for my interest in these familiar but also harmful products.

Current Exhibitions