Matt Myers

Artist & Curator

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I'm basically an Outsider artist, because my interests are in erotica and most of my efforts go in that direction which is counter-culture compared to what most art galleries represent. I got into erotica much later in my career, I think as Japanese cultural influences spread across the world in the 90's, and I was swept up in anime, videogames, manga, hentai and JAV (Japanese adult videos).
The most challenging thing about my art is its on the fringe, Low Brow or Outsider art; not accepted by the mainstream in general. I've found a few galleries that embrace erotic art to a point, such as accepting my 'implicit' art, but not the 'explicit' side. I've shown in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, the Detroit Dirty Show, ArteRotica in NYC, the first London Erotic art show and SMUT in NYC to name a few that cater to all aspects of erotica, but in general there aren't many venues that accept or promote eroticism. But the trend is changing as more Contemporary artists adopt erotic themes.

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