I attend the University of Kentucky where I am pursuing my BFA in art studio with a focus on painting and fibers, as well as a Bachelor's degree in arts administration. I will be graduating this December 2020 and am so excited! After this, I hope to continue my education and earn an MFA in studio art-- my dream school for my Master's is Virginia Commonwealth University, so fingers crossed I get in!

My current body of work is questioning the ideas and truths about sexual desire, sin, shame, and a sense of belonging through the eyes of the Roman Catholic church—which heavily influenced my childhood. By incorporating elements of Catholic iconography into my work it creates an almost devotional aspect, like an altar piece, which in return forces you to question whether this faith is helping or hurting. I have based a lot of my work around Saint Melangell, who I took as my patron saint at the time of confirmation. She is a virgin saint described to be a protector of nature and animals—specifically rabbits. Due to this I depict animals in my work as sacred objects with various levels of meaning pertaining to old folklore, Catholic traditions, and modern symbolism. I often find myself using animals as symbols to relay contradicting messages of domesticity the church expects of women.

Current Exhibitions