I am a multi-media visual artist from Colchester in Essex.
I have had a passion for art since I was a small child, having an artist uncle who was a big influence. Despite this I ended up taking the ‘sensible route’ and training to be a nurse instead of going to art school, so my career for almost 30 years was predominantly in the medical profession.

My love of art was reignited about 10 years ago when I did some face painting for a theatre company. I then started working professionally as a face painter and progressed on to body painting when designs started to demand more skin space!
At the same time whilst working for the BBC on a continuing drama series, my doodles on the back of scripts quickly turned into portrait work and I began commissioning portraits and paintings.

More recently, my move into abstraction started with a love of interior design and the desire to find unique artwork to compliment my own home decor.

I seek inspiration for my art in lots of different ways: Images seen in the media; textures, smells and sights when out and about; emotions and moods, both my own and of others.
My work is quite nature inspired. Many of my pieces’ colours and compositions resemble the beach and ocean because of my love of the sea.
Music is a big inspiration for me too. I always listen to music when I’m in the studio as it helps to create the piece somehow. Music is an art in itself, but combined with painting creates magical results!

Past Exhibitions