I’m an abstract painter working from my studio in Warwickshire. I use an abstract language of mark making and colour, that I hope has the power, like music or literature, to uplift and communicate. I’m inspired by light and shadows, patterns and shapes, connections and intersections.

The shapes I use vary depending on my current inspiration, but I often repeat certain lines, shapes and symbols. You may also discover fragments of maps, or words buried underneath the surface. Although these elements appear in an abstract context, they retain echoes of meaning which the viewer can relate to as they respond to the painting.

I use a range of materials: paint, pencil, pastels and collage, building up my paintings layer by layer in an organic way. This creates glimpses, hidden spaces, things half-seen, suggested. The more you look, the more you’ll see. I continue working until I feel harmony and balance has been achieved and the image has been “found”.

Past Exhibitions