Isabel Jiménez Arenas

Artist & Curator

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I graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and obtained a Bachelor’s Arts Degree at the Middlesex University of London. Later, I became a Doctor in Philosophy and Education at the University of Valencia. Right after, I attended a master's course, at Okinawa Kenritsu Geijutsu Daigaku, about Japanese painting. Later on, I did research about Japanese literature and art at the Tama Art University of Tokyo. Finally, I was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Japanese by the Institute of International Education in London.

My teaching experience is related to technical drawing, artistic drawing, arts and crafts, and painting at private schools and Adult Education centres in Valencia. Besides, I've been a teacher of the Japanese language at the University of Valencia among other private schools and public institutions.

Concerning my artwork, I exhibited it in Spain, the United States, England, and Japan. Influenced by artistic movements like impressionism, abstract expressionism, and realism, my work continues to develop towards personal expression, exploring feelings through a series of flowers, landscapes, portraits, and other works that share both abstraction and figurative art influences. I am also interested in illustration as an art form and my professional experience includes design consulting, logo design, book covers, posters, or icons among others. For more details about my training and exhibiting history please visit my website.

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