Love of line is the common thread that binds my work together. Whether it be abstract paint on canvas, watercolor portraits of people or pets, marker work, collage, kids books or hand stitched forms; the impulse begins with a line as the story unfolds.

Every picture tells a story.

To date The Portrait Project was one of my biggest undertakings. Dedicated to broaden my skills and commit to a daily practice I painted a portrait a day for a year.

Currently I am captivated by messy strings and creating bowl like forms from fibers and remnants.

I am continually drawn to the sunshine, mountains and warm water, my Montana roots with me wherever I go. Art is always in tow.

Artist Bio:
A graduate of Montana State University Deborah lives, works and teaches in Venice, California offering workshops of many disciplines to artists of all ages.
A belief that everyone has a creative bone is at the core of her teaching discipline.

Past Exhibitions