Davida Raffa

Artist & Curator

Davida Raffa is a practicing artist who teaches visual arts for Franklin, Grant, and Roosevelt Elementary schools in the SMMSUD. She has been teaching for 26 years. As an artist Davida is a ceramicist, sculptor, and glass blower. Her work can be found in private collections. Davida fell in love with art during her childhood. The mother of her best friend Gretchen illustrated fashion wear for newspapers. Gretchen encouraged Davida to create. In college Davida studied pre- veterinarian medicine while training thoroughbred race horse. From there she trained to do stunt work, followed by several other career move till she gravitated back to her first passions creating art. She returned to school to study art and that is where she met her husband Paul Leal. Paul and Davida collaborate to create blown, and sculptural glass works in their studio.

1. ‘Fluidity’ is a metaphor for the cycle of life that is in constant motion. When glass is freshly gathered out of the furnace it is malleable agreeable easy to move/shape. Hot glass is also less controllable more impulsive. Eventually the longer it is out of the furnace it becomes stiff/rigid and less agreeable to shape. When we are young we are more like the hot glass freshly out of the furnace. As we age we become more like the cooling glass set in our routines less willing to try new experiences.
Fluidity possess a multitude of twists and turns in the shape as well as the colors within the shape. A reminder of the beauty attainable whe

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