Courtney Smith


Courtney Smith is a student and artist. Working primarily within the Studio media of her Fine Art career, Courtney works with, but is not limited to, painting, drawing, sculpture, fiber and textiles, and some ceramics. Courtney is in the process of obtaining her BA in Studio Art with a minor in Art History from the University of Kentucky (2021). During her studies, she has exhibited her work locally through various exhibitions. Recent exhibitions include Juried Carey Ellis exhibition and the University of Kentucky Foundations Exhibition (2018). Courtney’s work reflects the unusual imagery an audience is unlikely to concur through bias of an ‘Artist’. Courtney pushes the boundaries of Artist and audience and balances between cliches and biases through her various mediums. Courtney’s artwork includes several elements to initiate the audience throughout the piece and is particularly interested in the role of the audience throughout her works.

Current Exhibitions