Charlotte Burgard


Charlotte Burgard is an artist and designer from London Ky, currently attending the School of Arts and Visual Studies at the University of Kentucky. She participated in school and local art exhibits in highschool and at the University of Kentucky. Charlotte is currently working on a diverse portfolio and exploring new artforms on a journey of personal and professional discovery.
Built-up is made of used Peruvian Walnut and Cherry wood which, once cut and sanded, laminated together to create the contrasting stripes of light and dark wood. Various sanding processes were used to create the surface of the wood’s sides and edges. Geode like forms were crafted inside the carved spaces using foil, nail polish, and sea salt. The concept developed partially from geode, a hollow rock that water has passed through depositing minerals that build up crystal like forms as a metaphor for personal and professional growth and development.

Current Exhibitions