Water Dreaming

I grew up living by the water…it was a place that I escaped to as a troubled teen. It was my place to daydream and be alone. At night in my dreams, I am visited by water….it can be turbulent, murky, crystal clear or a vibrant blue. Sometimes I am drowning….sometimes I am standing still, staring into its depths.

The most potent are my dreams of being engulfed by a tidal wave of epic proportions. I see myself swallowed up by the hungry ocean….as I stand powerless on the foreshore.

I know that whatever is going on in my life, my Water Dreams contain a message for me to decipher.

I will always be drawn to water and cannot live far from it. I need to hear the sound of waves or the gentle lapping on a lakeshore to bring a sense of peace and calm
Water, salty air, light and movement inspired me to create this work.

Curators and Artists

  • photography
  • fineart
  • contemporary
  • water