Maria Peña's art intends to overlap images of past and present, offering traces to remember and imagine a new re-constructed home and identity. Her art intends to capture the memory, bringing a past and future vision that the viewer is invited to decipher. Themes of memory, absent- presence, sense of longing and myth have triggered her pictorial world, acting as referents for the materialization of images and the development of ideas. Her art has a strong influence from sub-realism concepts and referents from visual and cultural theory.

She is interested in portraying, metaphorically, the experiences of hybrid identities of Australia, and the possibilities of reinventing oneself, depicting a sense of belonging to a new location, and a new culture. Peña is on a search for enlightened and mythological images that reflect reconciliation and construction of the self.

Her painting intends to recall memory and to recreate a sense of territory. By exposing her artistic response to issues of memory and relocation Peña intends to create an imaginary landscape, a scenery, where humans are often portrayed interacting with flowers, water, or other natural forms – as well as overlapped spaces – as a way to express the complexities of being in-between places and which exist between the past and the present, inside the memory.

Unfolding Your-SELF is a series of oil paintings of medium scale (sizes approximately 120 cm x 120 cm, 150 cm x 120 cm).

Curators and Artists

  • self
  • portraits
  • identity
  • subrealism
  • reinvention of the self
  • human-nature