Form is the outward appearance of any element, it is the first characteristic that attracts the eye of even the most distracted observer.
It appears like a static and immutable armor.
I can't imagine a static, stationary world that perpetually remains unchanged without the possibility of a change.
Instead, I think that anything changes its shape, and consequently its meaning, if viewed from a different point of view.

TRAS FORM_A_ZIONE was born from the idea of highlighting this concept by changing the shape of the elements through action.
In this way what usually appears defined and known is transformed into a new undefined and abstract reality.
Our mind, therefore, free from preconceptions and habits can give space to fantasy and transform known things into a new dimension.

Cars, trucks, buildings, crops, road surfaces, noise barriers and other objects transform into new life.
Color is the only connection with their previous form, the point of contact between the two realities.

Curators and Artists

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