‘Transition’ is my journey in more than one way. Past few years have been an attempt to adapt to a new social, cultural and physical environment. While transitioning in to my new world has mostly been full of excitement and adventures, it had its own silent and solemn moments, where I reflected upon what I was giving up in order to fit-in in my whole new world.
This hasn’t been always easy. It is continuous web of questions and answers, spinning in my head. One thing which has always given me respite in such chaotic moments is Nature, which I was blessed with in abundance here.
‘Transition’ broadly portrays me and my immediate surroundings. I am in awe of the majestic Gum trees, which are more than an inspiration to me. They have been my constant companions on this journey and of course the main subject of this series.
My works in this series are mostly done in acrylic paints on canvasses. There are some additions of oil pastels and found bark and leaves. The paintings vary from being representational to almost abstract portrayal of Nature. From light-filled, vibrant hues to dark, mysterious shades, I have played with all the colours.
As much as I love nature, I also love poetry about Nature and who else would epitomise it more that William Wordsworth. I owe him greatly for using his poetry as the titles for my works.

Curators and Artists

  • nature
  • landscape
  • Gum trees
  • abstract
  • acrylics on canvas
  • realistic
  • poetry
  • wordsworth
  • tree bark
  • birds
  • representational