I started painting the south bank in 1997 when I was a Royal Academy student. After 21 years, the Covid 19 lockdown meant my chauffeuring business went quiet, so I returned in earnest to my first love , painting !
I did some sketching and watercolours and photography.
The resulting studio in the exhibition works are acrylics on canvas . I like to explore the harmony that we can find in London and how the personal and architectural elements can fuse in one painting that expresses the joy and excitement I feel on the south bank . The anonymity of being able to wander and enjoy the stimulating environment are expressed through the generality of the people . My experience of being by the river Thames on a particular occasion is being highlighted by the by chance moments .ie sun lighting up the clouds in the late afternoon.I would like the viewer to enjoy and dwell on these cityscapes and enjoy my personal feelings towards the subject of the south bank.

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