Being an artist is mostly a solo expedition. An artist creates images that have never existed before and sometimes can get lost in their own thoughts of self-doubt.
The PBJ Effect is the joyful expression of three artists that found connection in the cacophony of the internet.
The artists of The PBJ Effect, Judy Aveiro, Bonnie Anthony, and Pamela Roberson met online in an artist workshop and eventually forged a bond of friendship that hugs the expanse of the United States of America.
Judy Aveiro lives in the clouds above Waikiki Beach, Bonnie Anthony lives on a ranch in Colorado, and Pamela Roberson lives alongside an airstrip in the Florida forests.
As different as their locales, is their artistic expression. Pamela Roberson works in acrylics, creating fanciful scenes of emotional landscapes. Bonnie Anthony works in cold wax and oil, building powerful meditations on our lives. Judy Aveiro works in wax on rice paper, forging lyrical environments of joyful spirits.
Yet throughout these works is a thread of commonality, the indescribable beauty of all of our lives; our lives in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls. Enjoy the show.

**To our friends outside of New Zealand, please note that prices will fluctuate based on current conversion rates. If you have questions about a particular painting, we would love to hear from you.

Curators and Artists

  • Pamela Roberson