Something For Art - Ghassan Fatoohi and Nabahed Al Heessa
An online exhibition supported by Hume Galleries, Victoria.

Ghassan and Nabahed are both self-taught artists. Their passion for painting is something that has grown with them through their difficult departure from their home country of Iraq and their new lives in Australia. In this exhibition they pay homage to their Iraqi culture and the pursuit of creativity in its many forms.

Ghassan Fatoohi was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1965 and came to Australia in 2003. His paintings celebrate the pursuit of creative passions, honours people he admires through portraiture and imagines other states of being. Ghassan began oil painting in 1979, but now paints primarily with acrylic. For him, “creating art is a showcase of my culture, of things I find beautiful.”

Nabahed Al Heessa fled Iraq and arrived in Australia in 2017. She has pursued a painting practice for more than twenty years, steadily developing a passion that explores broad themes including mythology and fantastical representations of animals and the natural world, applying a complex range of painting techniques that add beauty and nuance to her often ethereal imagery. More recently she has explored the possibilities of oil painting.

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(image credit: Lemur Monkey Daydreaming, 2019)

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