Release addresses the non-linear journey of life and how this impacts our mental health. For Sunbury artist Elly-Louise Tyquin, repetitive and labour-intensive methods act as a means of therapy to cope with different emotional states, that assist in restoring a sense of control. Conceptually, Tyquin explores how the creation of art and its process is valuable to physical and psychological wellbeing.

This exhibition features a range of abstract works which seek to physically embody elements of a wide gamut of pure emotion. Tyquin aims to express the benefits of cathartic processes in maintaining good mental health, hoping to connect with local community through her artwork by promoting dialogue and awareness about mental health and the importance of these conversations.
‘Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled with in vain’ – Carl Jung

Upcoming Mental Health Forum - Saturday 10 October. Details & bookings to be announced via Hume Council website -

All artworks are for sale. Please contact the artist directly -

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(image credit: Lemur Monkey Daydreaming, 2019)

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