This exhibition shows a selection of some of my most recent works, Humans and Australia and Nature as well as some other personal works to do with my dreams.

In Humans, I want to explore different paths to represent what I understand as being human and I am interested in the representation of simple concepts and ideas, like fertility or vulnerability.

For Australia and Nature, I got inspiration from the Australian landscape, flora and fauna. The colors, textures and patterns, bringing attention to the normally unnoticed landscape of the small and hidden. Also, I focused on the concepts of water, fire, earth and air. I am drawn to the pure aesthetics of them, just the visual logistics, textures, colors, shapes, composition, etc.

A bit of information about my unique painting technique:

I have always preferred using dry graphic techniques like pencil, crayons, pastels, etc and working on hard surfaces like paper or wood, instead of working with brushes and wet media on canvases, so I decided to develop a technique that would allow me to paint “as if I was drawing”, using a hard tool on paint in order to draw with lines.

I have explored different mediums, like wax and varnishes which I mix up with the pigments in order to give the paint the flexibility needed to be scratched with fine lines, allowing me to draw with fine detail on my paintings.

Curators and Artists

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