Kim has been experimenting with digital printmaking since 1987. Digital printing (Giclee) is now an accepted printmaking medium. All his work is hand crafted. Sometimes it will take three or four passes and colour adjustments to pull a good print. The images are not reproductions. They are painted direct using a stylus brush and tablet on up to 100 layers with no computer-generated shortcuts or scanning involved.

This exhibition signals a return to the studio after a long period of reflection. There are two themes, linked by the play of consciousness.

The Birds:

The artist has paid close attention to birds for forty years. More psychological portraits than ornithological studies, the images reflect the character and ancestry of the bird and the effect of eye contact - the surprise that awareness inhabiting another reality is looking back.

Still Life Studies:

Are a metaphor for the improbability of elements and energies dancing to combine in a delicate balance, to take form, to hold that form and to break apart. This applies to the material world as much as to consciousness. Thought springs from a seed notion – a concise bundle of “keythoughts’ – faster than light, and explodes into a complex constellation of associated data that surfaces as a single thought. We hold that thought and act upon it. Eventually we let it go either by willpower, disinterest or dispassion.
Three in this series represent creation, sustaining and dissolution.

Curators and Artists

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