Re-Worked focuses on the concept of the ‘open work’. An artwork may never need be finished and therefore constantly open to radical transformation. Reworking the old with the new, combining mistakes with elements that have since lost appeal to the artist; opening up whole new directions and possibilities through chance encounter.

Wardy challenges her attachment to notions of preciousness, embracing cycles of destruction (deconstruction) and renewal in a visual practice that treats materiality like a ‘humus’. There is indeed the sense of an organic process occurring. The cut shapes are curvy and microbiological in appearance, merging in new dynamic webs and clusters of activity and relationship.

Presented in vaguely rectangular formats, the works echo their origin in the two-dimensional realm of painting, however their surfaces and edges are now bursting with texture and shape that declare something far more sculptural in their presence. The story of their materiality has come to the fore.

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(image credit: Ray Rattenbury, Kangaroo Fern, 2019)

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