The Rainbow Collection Exhibition includes a selection of the contemporary ceramic pots and bowls that I produce.

My intention is to create a unique and sculptural piece of art that demands attention.

Although there doesn't seem to be much purpose in non-functional items, it fulfils my need to create. I begin without a plan to refer to, just a concept in my mind of what the form will become.

Each pot is hand built from stoneware paper clay using the traditional coiling technique while the bowls are hand sculpted from slab rolled clay.
After a high bisque firing, the clay becomes my canvas and I use oil paints to decorate each piece in a distinctive abstract style.

By combining my preference for asymmetrical form with the vibrant abstract finish, I am able to create a bold and contemporary sculpture.
Once finished, there is always a sense of awe at the process of transformation: from a block of clay to a unique and vibrant work of art.

Curators and Artists

  • contemporary sculpture
  • ceramic sculpture