The collection "Psyche" explores motifs from the artist's personal meditations and EMDR therapy sessions, drawing on her interests in art history and alternative or obscure faiths to give visual language to ideas and emotions. All eight of the pieces in "Psyche" are small-- at just 9"x12" each, the scale of the paintings is closer to that of a collection of personal journal pages than stereotypical commercial art works. These intimate pieces come to life in watercolor, some with luminous metallic gold acrylic detail, over visible ink and graphite sketches. "Psyche" culminates in the individual painting of the same name, a depiction of the vulnerable human soul as the great love of love itself.

Lauren Kelly is a self-taught visual artist and Citizen Potawatomi tribal member from Oklahoma. Alternating between watercolor and acrylic paints as medium, Kelly’s introspective work blends the mystical and the mundane in exploration of her own intersectional identity.

Artist recommendations for viewing "Psyche"
Eat: a really, really juicy pear-- the kind that dribbles down your chin
Drink: Voga Pinot Grigio
Listen to: "S.T.A.Y." by Hans Zimmer

Kelly’s full body of work and prints can be found online at her official website:

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