Welcome to Tanisha's Quilliam's first ever exhibition. Tanisha is a young aboriginal artist, who recently won her first ever artist award at Koori Heritage Trust. 'My passion is writing, creating amazing things and I love Biological science. I love writing and entering science fairs, I won my first one for the making ochre an Aboriginal face and body paint. If you buy my artwork it will mean the world to me as it will help me pursue my dream of becoming a biological scientist then an astronaut. I hope you love my artwork as much as I do. The hardest drawing I did was Rapunzel as because of the fine details. Right now I am 11 years old and in year six, my hobbies are preforming arts, dancing and traveling. Whenever my dad has an exhibition my mum and I normally go with him so I get to see other peoples art and culture. My mum speaks very fluent Japanese and and my dad is a photographer, videographer and much more in conclusion they are the best parents anyone could have. Thank you for looking at my artwork and hopefully buy it.

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