My art really comes from one simple desire....
To be creative, have fun and explore.
As you'll see in this exhibition, I decided on making art with a mostly landscape flavor.... though a couple of portraits did turn up in the mix.
I love letting creativity follow its own path!
My art in this exhibition references abstraction, expressionism and impressionism.
But because I work digitally, I call what I do Pixelism.
Please enjoy my explorations.

All artworks are made as original Unique State digital prints
( only one exists )

Curators and Artists

  • digital
  • expressionist
  • landscape
  • impressionistic
  • photomanipulation
  • decor
  • architecture
  • awardwinningartist
  • unique
  • fineart
  • contemporary
  • graphic
  • painting
  • print
  • abstract