They say that when one door closes, another opens. I do not close any doors in my paintings. I leave them open. This does not mean that we go back and forth between our past, present, and future, the view I take is that past, present and future intertwine together, as the whole universe does. In my paintings I show how our lives are created layer-on-layer. Imagine standing in the painting and walking with open arms, open wide, so you can feel all the lines and details, the imperfections of the canvas, the texture of the paint. To me this is like experiencing life - the fire, the ice. Through rough winding roads any obstacles are simply proof that we are alive, they make us stronger. Our hopes, beliefs, desires and knowledge continually move us forward, and as we walk each step, we leave traces behind, happiness, sadness…leaving the past buried underneath, invisible, empty, and silent – our present built on top of it. - we survive, grow and get closer to the ‘light’. As we go through one door to the next, they say we never know what is waiting for us. It’s surely a mysterious world, but with the right perspective, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, a bright future through the next door - light, expansion, development, promises that open up countless prospects within our reach, every small line and detail can be a learning experience, an opportunity to grow. It all depends on us.

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  • perspective
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