Outside voices, a phrase that carries so many different meanings. It could remind you of a teacher admonishing the classroom students to quiet their voices to a softer inside voice. It could make you think of artists that don’t carry an art degree into the gallery. It could remind you to listen to your quiet inner voice and shut out the noisy, negative, endless sea of nonsense from outside our true selves. To others, it may invoke the idea of bursting back out into the sunshine and breeze and calling out to the world, “Yes! We are still here!” in voices loud enough to carry across the world.

We are a diverse collection of artists and felt that the phrase, “outside voices”, spoke to each of us and our art and makes a great title for our group show. However, our job is not complete until we get to share it with others. Thank you so much for visiting our corner of the world and completing the creative cycle.

Curators and Artists

  • abstract
  • women
  • Emerging artist
  • female artist