My work is generally based on exploring domestic interior/exterior spaces and how the figure moves, sits and interacts within these places. I love the feelings of awkwardness that my paintings project through the mixture of both naive brushwork, stylization, and strange situations.

Ink, liquid graphite, charcoal, pastels, oils, homemade dyes...Layering, cutting away, pasting over, collage. I use old time-worn copies of hand-written letters in Russian Cyrillic from my mother & father and copies of text from Russian newspapers or poetry books, interweaving pieces from the language of my childhood, to add layers of texture, meaning, and personal history to my work.

Art has always been what I go to. This uncompromising streak is how I have aligned myself with the universe: It is very simple and ordinary because it is nothing more than expressing my nature: I’m an artist and doing what I’m meant to be doing: I believe that art can be defined as line and form coming through the hand – the head, and even the heart.

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