The color red is linked to blood, power, heat and fire, pain and courage. This is a color not only with expressive associations for our perception, but also with a historical endorsement that relates to some important revolutionary processes in history such as the Russian and the Chinese revolutions, with red being the predominant color of their respective flags. And red has been precisely the chromatic nuance of a greater visual weight in the works that make up the October (2019) series, created by Cuban American photographer William Riera, becoming such color in the common denominator of a narrative that aims to emphasize the importance of certain elements in the composition, which is not a free item provided by the artist, but rather a compelled proposition for the interpretation.
Riera’s work harbors the nostalgic symbiosis of an individual who recalls his past through the experiences of the present. They are a personal travel blog in which the longings of a time lived are based on the strong significance that the old USSR had for Cuban culture and society. However, for those younger people who may find in these photographs a certain fascination and distance from the elements that Riera has captured, they will also be able to assimilate in them the iconography of an identity that preserves memories while assuming its contemporaneity with vertiginous dynamism.
These works are the manifest reflection of a nostalgic search from an artistic perspective of his creator.

About South Florida Latin American Photography Forum
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About the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum
Founded in May of 2020 by Miami-based photographer William Riera.
Focusing on the photographic works of artists living and/or working in Florida and other parts of the USA, the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum (SoFLaFoto) takes on the challenge of locating, compiling, organizing and sharing the information related to the works of photographers that have documented or are documenting the life of the Latin American community, and also the works of those who have documented or are documenting the Latin American region (Hispanic America, Brazil, and Haiti) through the many issues that are relevant to the community like memory, history, diaspora, immigration, identity, family, religion, gender issues, racism, addiction, inequality, LGBTQ rights, etc., all within the contemporary, documentary and street photography realms. In addition we collaborate with artists, curators, and researchers of Latin American photography and lens-based art works.

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