MARKS OF REPAIR is a selection of thirty paintings to be be installed in the spacious Artspace Buffalo Gallery. Due to necessary pandemic restrictions, the show has landed here. The challenge of moving my presentation of work onto social media and virtual viewing room seems like a fair price in a world calling out for a season of repair. The actual process of painting often involves some ruin and repair on the way to pushing forward to finished work. I view self-expression and all kinds of art experience as potentially medicinal (healing). Gestures, ideas, and marks become a kind of dance in the task of arranging and layering materials, color, texture in order to dialogue with my time and place.

The selections here are parts of a related whole. For several decades, I have painted on paper, canvas or wood, often including elements of textiles or paper collage. The painter, Georgia O'Keefe signed her letters "from the faraway nearby." This idea reminds me of the way painting is a measure of physical and psychic geography between self and other.

PLEASE NOTE: dimensions are listed as "cm," but I have entered inches. The work is listed here as "not for sale," however most could be available for purchase--not all works are available to be shipped. I prefer to handle this privately.

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Thank you for taking the time to look!

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