Hong Kong / June 2018

In 2018 I spent nine days walking the streets of Hong Kong. I wanted to capture the architecture (new, old and temporary) and how the people of HK interacted with it.

My aim was to show the city in a different light and not how most would have perceived this vibrant and amazing place.

From 1000 captures and a short list of 50 images, I have chosen my favourite nine to display how I wish them to be viewed : LARGE.

Since these images were taken, Hong Kong has become a different place. The streets that are depicted here have undergone a unique transformation. Last year they saw thousands and thousands of people flood into them with pro-democracy demonstrations.

This year, in stark contrast, mass gatherings are shunned from the on-set of the coronavirus. Thus these images provide a glimpse of history at a time of relative quiet before the ‘new normal’.

Chris Ott

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