Aboriginal Artist Wayne Quilliam’s latest series of work ‘Lowanna’ is a transformative method of resurrecting light from spiritual darkness. His art encompasses the artistic dimensions of Aboriginal culture while exploring the concept of metaphoric ‘Indigenous Art’.

Given the name of Marlipiniyi Milawini ‘Painter of Light’, by the Yolngu people, A.Professor Wayne Quilliam conceptual creations reveal intuitive fluidity of connection.

“By creating a spiritually charged spatial-temporal vacuum, one’s work becomes a conceptual experience.” said Wayne.

10 of the 24-piece exhibition are printed on 3 metre Japanese Habotai Silks and were suspended throughout the Grote Zall in central Amsterdam. The remainder printed on Museo 100% Fine Art Archival Cotton Paper will create a sense of connection to Earth and Environment.

A.Professor Wayne Quilliam

Winner of NAIDOC Aboriginal Artist of the Year, Human Rights and Walkley Awards, nominated as a Master of Photography by National Geographic and created, curated and shown more than 280 exhibitions throughout the world including Berlin, London, Cairo, Paris, Havana, Moscow, Vienna, Tokyo and New York.

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