In her first solo exhibition, Westmeadows artist Lisa Buckland explores a personal journey of grief and recovery.

How do you cope when life unravels? Find solace in a time of loss? Through the language of painting Lisa confronts the process of finding strength in vulnerability to explore painful subjects that are too difficult to communicate except through art making.

“Night is veiled, I live in shadows. Black and foggy, the stars have fallen from the sky. I am flightless and sightless. The night feels like my enemy. Black is grey, line like spiders webs. I have spots before my eyes, blue dots and black specks like insects. I follow them, try to touch them. Blinding white light, orange and pink. It's only sunshine but feels like I am too close to an inferno. Distorted vision, every morning I stumble in a black and white pallor. It's a long Winter in the deep macular.”

Through this series of self-portraits, feathered representations of the human psyche and large works celebrating her Mother’s garden, the artist leads the viewer down a transformative visual path complicated by ill health, loss, grief and ultimately rediscovery.

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(image credit: Lemur Monkey Daydreaming, 2019)

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