Living Landscape is an exhibition of abstract landscapes that use nature as their template. The paintings are always anchored in an observation of reality and mirror the experience of being in a particular place, mediated by memory and the process of creation in the studio.

Ranging from the desert landscapes of Northern India to the forests of Southwest France, to Japan, the paintings emerge from watercolour studies made on the spot. Robin has been an intrepid traveller in the last few years, and during the pandemic has been working from recent trips to the Far East. There is a strong emphasis on texture in the work and the paintings often incorporate the natural minerals that form their subjects. Iron oxide from Arizona is used in the paintings of the American Southwest. Lava sand from the Inner Hebrides evokes the rocky beaches or the Scottish archipelago. The paintings in this small, but representative, exhibition of work are mainly on canvas and linen, but as a member of the Royal Watercolour Society, Robin also works on paper with water-based colour, participating in 4 exhibitions a year at the Bankside Gallery, London, next to Tate Modern. She also works on a larger scale on canvas using mixed media, but has not included these in this exhibition. Please see for some of these.

Her grounding in the history of art, which has led her to write many books, informs her paintings, with a profound understanding of pictorial structure and iconography.

Curators and Artists

  • abstract
  • lyrical