Our desire to organise and create harmony in the world around us is tempered by natures ability to dominate and destroy. We enjoy rhythms of calm collection in our everyday lives by creating order to the point of mechanisation. Within a life-changing moment, we are cast into anarchy. Our sense of order and security is forever changed. We exist in security, then in grief and finally emerge into a new reality cognizant of the frailty that exists within these liminal spaces and how delicately we balance within them. Order cannot exist without the chaos nor chaos without the order. It is the contrast between those moments of lightness in the shadow which allow us to have perspective on the other.

Curators and Artists

  • Art Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Analog Photography
  • liminal
  • Donna Bergshoeff
  • Hobart Photogapher
  • Tasmanian Photographer
  • Reginal Photographer
  • Regional Art
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