This exhibition is a combination of work by Donna Bergshoeff and Richard Jupe. The two works dance with the Tasmanian landscape, but take radically different trajectories, to explore similar themes. The third space created by this juxtaposition is chaotic and disruptive, in itself inviting the viewer to engage in a dialogue concerning their own control.
Richard Jupe’s work is an investigation into ways of seeing. In the Tasmanian landscape, where life emerges after the sun sets, these heavily controlled landscapes invite the viewer to focus on the order within the chaos. Light changes the environment around us, it’s disposition and in the process, the relationship we have with our surroundings. We try and see into the shadows and hide our eyes from reflections, but are left simply with our own impressions. The latent image in our minds from past experience. The process of creating these narrative scenes is emblematic of our struggle in relating to the natural environment, the balance of power, order and control.
30% of all sales of work from the exhibition will go to the Bob Brown Foundation to support their efforts to protect the Tarkine in North-West Tasmania.

Curators and Artists

  • liminal
  • sidespace
  • bob brown foundation
  • landscape
  • wilderness
  • Tasmania
  • photography
  • Black and white
  • colour
  • silver gelatin