In this exhibition of new works, Volykhine continues to expand upon strategies of collage, drawing, and painting that conjure earlier established themes and imagery mined from a myriad of sources including, movies, cult icons, literature, television, and personal history.

This broad range of historical references not only foregrounds Volykhine's own interest in appropriating past visual and literary styles but also invokes the schizophrenic and pathological impulses at work in the Russian imaginary.

As the use of color has played an increasingly central role in these more recent works, so has the formal concern for surface, space, and technique, resulting in densely populated and fragmentary images that further articulate Volykhine's refusal to offer conventional narrative logic.

Often at once perversely funny and poetically contemplative, Volykhine's power lies in his ability to occupy multiple positions at once, and ultimately to implicate text and image in a slippery production of meaning.

Curators and Artists

  • figurative
  • unrealism
  • expressionism
  • neo-expressionist