Home is a complicated term. Although it's literal meaning is a permanent shelter, a home's shape, content, and personal significance varies drastically between different inhabitants.

INHABIT is a photographic collection that takes a look at the impact that culture, materials, climate conditions, and even political situations have on someone's home. Through a dozen photographs with a similar aesthetic line, Lior Sperandeo challenges the viewer to examine if, when, and to what extent these elements impact their own home.

"At times like these, when the world must stay at home, the series takes on entirely new meaning. We tend to conceptualize 'home' as our anchor, but in fact, isn't it a mirror for all the changes in our lives, and our ability to deal with them?''

INHABIT was photographed over the past two years, in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda, as well as in post-cyclone-Idai, Mozambique and Post civil war South Sudan.

Curated by Hagar Siboni
Photographed by Lior Sperandeo
Copy editor and consultant by Ryan Cheng


Curators and Artists

  • Lior sperandeo
  • Home
  • architucture
  • photo-series
  • Stayhome
  • climate change
  • humanity
  • ליאור ספרנדאו
  • Africa