Over the last five years, I have been taken with the notion of the superficial layer and what lies beyond it. In our world, an exterior impression of who someone is becomes the first thing we encounter. Yet, the nuance of personality can only be discovered over time and with careful observance. Reality has become increasingly difficult to define and engagement seems to occur mostly online. In this atmosphere, I have become cognizant of my own dependence on the surface layer to present who I want to be when one encounters me. It has been my mission to scrutinize the use of these facades through various iterations of my work. I Dream in Layers is a culmination of these efforts.

I Dream in Layers explores the tenuous nature of the exterior surface through a series of mixed media works and alternative processes. Each work in the exhibition questions our focus on the outward while simultaneously challenging the viewer to dig a bit deeper, exploring the subtleties that exist beneath. These works play with the possibilities of and boundaries between painting and sculpture. They invite viewers to delve deeply into the details, experiencing a consolidation of sculptural and painterly processes that convey a sense of the vulnerability of facades. Consisting of mixed media paintings on stretched silk, sculptural wall configurations, a large scale site-responsive Painting in Space and accompanying video installation, I Dream in Layers unfolds before the viewer in layers.

Curators and Artists

  • sculpture
  • abstract
  • solo exhibition
  • painting