In this series I explore candid honest 35mm black and white images of London. I try to capture the essence of what so many miss in passing. I love finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Beauty in the fleeting moments of what is inconsequential. Shooting on film, which is so receptive to nuance of light and dark enables one to achieve extraordinarily emotive and cool images using some classic old-school techniques that have created many of the most iconic works of photographic art. There is a depth and honesty to film, a kind of gritty naturalness alongside a classic, timeless sincerity. For this type of project I feel that film is retro with a very cool feel that can make for beautiful truthful photographs.

All prices in the series are mainly for 10"x8" sizing printed to the highest standard and mounted on card. Please do contact me to discuss different sizing or framing options. Each piece will be titled and signed.

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