"Femme Busts" is a collection of 11 9"x12" freehand watercolor portraits of women and femme people painted between 2019 and 2021. Loose and colored in pastel shades, the works in this collection are meant to capture the airier aspects of feminine identity, the relaxed and fluid characteristics of femininity, and feminine self-concept.

Lauren Kelly is a self-taught visual artist and Citizen Potawatomi tribal member from Oklahoma. Alternating between watercolor and acrylic paints as medium, Kelly’s introspective work blends the mystical and the mundane in exploration of her own intersectional identity.

Artist recommendations for viewing "Femme Busts"
Eat: Cotton candy, by the mouthful
Drink: Fünf Riesling
Listen to: "Chiquitita" (ABBA cover) by Laleh

Kelly’s full body of work and prints can be found online at her official website: www.laurenkelly.art

Curators and Artists

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  • feminine
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  • Watercolor
  • portrait
  • aquarelle
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