My art creation is based on the relation of natural and artificial, a continued research in different materials. The concept of entropy encompasses the totality of man as a social, biological, psychological phenomenon in relation to nature. In order to tame and ennoble nature, there is a need to add new materials that are not intended for long-term use.

I base my artistic expression on a kind of abstraction, close to the poetics of enformel, which is linked to the creation of layered structures of matter through the use of a combination of painting material. Wood and flax are natural materials and on them I perform the application with materials that are artificial (aluminium) and corrosive (gypsum powder).

Compositional and rhythmic functions within the work are accomplished by contrasting levels, layering. In this way, I achieve the depiction of an explicit artistic scene of the entry of nature into symbiosis, as a form of forced adaptation.

Curators and Artists