This project explores sites within Blackburn, which hold historical value. For reasons unknown they have been left to fall into disrepair and dilapidation. I had noticed works had been carried out to ensure these sites are safe for the public, however there were no efforts shown towards restoring them to an example of what they once were. After carryout research, I discovered that many Blackburn residents had expressed concerns through social media platforms about the future of these sites. It was also expressed that they are being neglected by those that have a responsibility towards them. One site that was mentioned was the ‘Victorian Wing’ of the old ‘Royal Infirmary’ which was paid for by the people of Blackburn, however the people of Blackburn were never consulted about the future of this it which eventually got demolished. So, I set out photographing each site so that viewers could recognise the historical features which they hold. I also created the images in a way that allowed the viewers to witness the neglect that each site was facing. It was not a case of just photographing, I had to understand each site and interact with the surroundings by making it my own space. Along with my research of each site’s past I created a relationship which allowed me to create my own vision of the spaces. By creating these visions, I am providing visual information which makes up a body of images and it is these images that are important and not the photography.

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