Art is a positive form of expression, and Artspot Studio welcomes the opportunity to help our youth showcase their creativity with family, friends, and their community. It is critically important to support students’ creative and artistic development because it provides them with skills that practice problem-solving, communication skills, and empathy, as well as allowing them to grow as human beings. At Artspot Studio, it's all about the process!


I been a visual artist and art teacher for 20 years in Los Angeles. I am a proud mother of two wonderful and creative daughters and have a husband that I love to collaborate with on design and architecture. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from OTIS College of Art & Design and completed my Masters in Education from Antioch University, focusing on Arts Advocacy in public schools.

Artist Statement:
Being a visual person, I have always found a special connection with color and design. My attraction to shape and lines was awakened through my
appreciation of modern art and what was created during the Bauhaus
movement. I approach visual art as a problem-solving arena where I can consider how color theory and shapes affect one another. For me, creating art is about the process, which is central to all my work, as well as in teaching my students. It is the primitivity of basic shapes, lines, and colors that I hold within my art.

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  • Watercolor
  • student art work
  • mixed media
  • Pen and ink
  • drawing
  • fine art