Outsiders (Personal Belongings)
Originally from Lithuania, Monika came to the UK in 2008. She settled with her family and has sought connections with the photographic community since. Passion – is the word that Monika uses to describe photography. Being a Lithuanian in this country has always made her feel like an outsider and, unfortunately, on certain occasions even unwelcome. Seeking comfort and understanding, Monika decided to express herself through something that she is passionate about, something that makes her feel confident in everything that she does - photography.
The journey to find her true self, has taken many different turns. In 2012 Monika’s exhibition ‘Beekeeper’ drew National recognition as ‘unique’ by Lancashire Telegraph Newspaper and The Magazine of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). Yet still, having many mixed feelings, this young artist decided to try something new and developed a great interest in using the traditional film camera. This project, ‘People’ and ‘Personal Belongings’ are about Eastern Europeans, who migrated to the UK to create a new, better life.
In the ‘Personal Belongings’ project, everyone was asked to show something that reminds them of their own country or a person they love.

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