“The Art of Sound Through the Lens”

Is sound invisible? Well, the profound answer would be “Yes”. But what if it can be photographed?

I am a strong advocate of the idea that both photography and music are complementary to each other but when blended they provide a complete story. Therefore, I have attempted to demonstrate the picture of sound.

Influenced by both science and art, I have chosen to photograph the sound of mediation. It has been proven, that there are several frequencies associated with meditation and each one resonates with its own chakra. This exhibition is the fingerprint of all seven chakras and the picture of those into the human body. Despite the fact that visualising sound is limited in terms of sound’s ability to express the human cognition of sound, I have tried an alternative approach to achieve that.

Taking as fact that the human body consists of 65% water, I have decided to choose water as the means by which I will present the end result: “How would the picture of the meditation sound look in the human body?”

Creating a DIY set up, my experiments commenced by taking each chakra frequency through a process of creating interaction with other sources of organic and non-organic substances. Following Cymatics theory and having my camera as the main producer, my images mirror the symmetries and accuracy of mathematics found throughout the beauty of sound in the format of unique patterns.

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