Artist Mark Rowden celebrates the curious beauty of Australian animals in his newest series ‘Animal Parade’. The exhibition comprises 11 life-sized hand-coloured relief prints of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and insects.

As a printmaker, Mark has an amazing eye for detail, capturing the smallest speck of light in a green tree frog’s eye, as well as a keen sense of the dramatic, with his life-sized emu print reaching almost two metres high. 'Animal Parade' was named by his daughter: after watching him work on these prints, she declared, “It’s an animal parade, Dad!”

The theme is a celebration of Mark’s two decades of calling Australia home, but also the amazing variety and uniqueness of Australian fauna, with over 350 mammals, 800 bird species, 4000 fish, 300 types of lizards and 140 snakes, and many in danger.

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