My art of recent years has focused on the relationship of people to their environments. Much of my work is informed by attempting to draw and paint the human figure in its many forms, celebrating the fringe dwellers in our world; those who wear their eccentricities close to the surface.

I have been exploring the relationships humans have with animals we share our lives with and the parallels of dispositions they have with our human condition.

The narrative of these figures are what intrigues me, their stories, personalities and how their environments impact and shape them. I like to bring into the mix of these characters and animals, a sense of absurdity or delight in the unusual. Things that are not normally expected to be seen together. This can accentuate the eccentricities of people and allow the viewer to delight in being different.

Drawing is the backbone of my practice, working mainly with charcoal and/or graphite, mixed media and oil paints. When I work in charcoal and graphite, I use a process of mark making of addition and subtraction to build depth and layers in a bid to develop a sense of history in the figure and subsequent composition.

Curators and Artists

  • narrative art
  • human figure