Exhibiting a diptych, AfterBirth and AfterLife, two photographic artworks created from the remnants of the beginning and the end of a human life, Placenta and Ash, using a unique darkroom based photographic process without a camera or film, with the Schumann Resonance - Earths Vibrational Frequency - 7.83 Hz sound playing in the background. I ask you to take a moment to become still, to slow down and to contemplate this journey of life we are all experiencing.

AfterBirth, is created from human placenta, symbolic of a new beginning, a new life journey and the connection between parents and child.

AfterLife, is created from human ash, also symbolic of a new beginning, a transition from one reality to another yet also an ending of this earthy life journey.

Two life processes that unifies each and every one of us. We all experience these milestones and therefore connecting each and every person as one.

It is so timely of our current global situation whereby we are all being forced to stop and self isolate and of the current global awakening where we are all becoming aware that we are all in this together.

We are all flesh and blood, we all come from the same place and we will all leave to the same demise. This time right here right now is a great equaliser!

I ask you to re-connect for a moment to ourselves, to reacquaint ourselves with our true nature and connect with the frequency of the earth... take a moment to pause, to be still, to simply be!

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